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17:00 min, 4K, Color, Sound  

The video installation HYPERCONNECTED (2022) by Mascha Naumova deals with the effects of over-networking on the individual and society.

The artist shows how interpersonal relationships as well as the transfer of these into digital networks shape and control our everyday life in times of social, health and political upheaval. New information technologies multiply and accelerate social interaction. At the same time, they exacerbate the isolation and alienation of the individual, intensifying feelings of loneliness.  This postmodern paradox, that the enormous increase in communication does not lead to an increase in emotional bonds, but on the contrary to their reduction and

dissolution, is the theme of the video installation „HYPERCONNECTED“.

Here, in video portraits of 12 randomly selected participants, Mascha Naumova metaphorically describes the paradigm of the new society. For this purpose, 6 men and 6 women of different ages and status tear seams - on their own clothes and on someone else clothes. This mechanical act poetically symbolizes the painful severing of the ties we have made throughout our lives.


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ambika portret Kopie.jpg
Billi portret Kopie.jpg
erik portret Kopie.jpg
estellle portret Kopie.jpg
luiz Kopie.jpg
Margo portret Kopie.jpg
maria portret Kopie.jpg
Moritz portret Kopie.jpg
Nika portet Kopie.jpg
stefan portret Kopie.jpg
vladimir portret Kopie.jpg
gruppe Kopie.jpg
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